Friday, April 20, 2012

here is a post without a photo

Not very interesting, is it? How about if I tart it up with some swinging fonts or colors? Or sizes?
Still nuthin. I'm with you, retinal slaves, but here's the thing -- when Hello Kitty konked out on me (again), my resourceful victim volunteered to have her boyfriend, who she keeps handy for his cellphone with camera feature, take the photo and email it to me. Well it never got here. Huh. I see the inherent problems in being a street style blogger without a camera and am taking steps to fix the problem (hear that Kitty?), but just this once,  Aquamarine-haired girl and Misty boy, if you're reading this cuz I gave you one of my valuable cards, please resend that photo to Not as sometimes happens. Easy mistake.

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