Monday, April 23, 2012

spring green

So many soft spring colors, she is like the goddess of green tea. See, the bit o pink blouse? It has a delicate lace inset at the shoulder. I'm just saying. See the bit o shorts? They're sitting all retro at the waist and listening to Motown on the transistor radio. If they were on one of my age cohort, they'd be dialed into Christian rock or KDWB, depending on how many Budweisers had been consumed.
I went to National Camera where they took one look at Hello Kitty and performed the last rites. Without so much as a misty eye, I took up with a Canon PowerShot SD 800 that had just been traded in moments before. $50. On my first effort out of the gate, I mistakenly shot 4 seconds of video (sorry woman at Grand and Snelling), but I've got the basics now. Which is to say, I can turn it on and push the button. This is, at the same time, the best news and positively sickening to real photographers. I do what I can.

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