Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello Kitty messes with us

I could cry*. I get a shot of half a man, an artist who dyes his pants himself with fabric dye from Wet Paint, including these wide wale Levis in a delightful chartreuse, and the Hello Kitty auto focus camera is out of focus! This is one of those old school cameras that is not a cell phone -- it does not have to tell me where the nearest Starbucks is, or play video games or make calls or record video. No. All in the world Hello Kitty has to do is take a picture of what's in front of it. I suspect someone with really terrible vision can take off their glasses and enjoy these pants, and the accompanying wingtip shoes, like no one else. But psyche, Kitty, we can still dig the chartreuse color!
We had a great conversation, this guy who is doing his part to make the world more colorful and I (who am doing my part to make the world less productive), about the creative catch-22: artists rarely have the ability or desire to promote and manage their art as a business, so they make no money. If they are that rare person who can manage themselves as a brand, they have no time to make art. Bottom line -- being creative is a bitch. That is clear. The photo is not. But I'm posting it anyway. in honor of guys who dye their own pants (he has cerise, purple, lime green among others at home).
*Alternately, I could stop talking and/or get glasses.

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