Wednesday, April 11, 2012

this time, it's clinical

Apologies to my two Common Good Books friends above and to your trashed retinas. As usual, I've got a lot of explaining to do. 
Stopped by Garrison Keillor's hobby hut on Snelling Ave. on the stealth opening day, not because I read (so many of the books did not have pictures), but on the chance of finding the proprietor in the house.  Instead I found two blazin' style-ists and, at the same time, helped the staff identify an overlooked security issue (mullet-wearers stumbling in and getting up in patrons' business in a way that's not even fit to spread around the interwebs).
Unfortunately, what I thought was a one-time Kitty hissy fit (see below) was in fact user error artistic differences. This occasioned a talk between the Kitty and I in which I pressed every button many many times, tossed salt over my shoulder and called in a young priest and an old priest. Kitty turned her lens 360 degrees and asked to be called Regan, but I think the problem is exorcised.
Course, there are no do-overs in the book store style biz, so I might have to fill in the details verbally. Which is very satisfying indeed. In the uppermost blur, it's pretty easy to see her eyeliner but something you may have missed is the atomic boots she scored for approx. $3 at Goodwill!
The impression above these words but below little red riding boots is one of Amelia Earhart and Scout who went to Memphis and all they got was this delectable scarf. Oh dang, there I go with the highbrow art references again -- below is a room done in the subtle Memphis style. Something's wrong here, it's all clear and visible...
 Back to Amelia/Scout, she rocked this vintage Gibson girl 'do with the granny-gifted Memphis-inspired scarf and an aviator-ish leather jacket and tomboy southern half and mega-janitor carabiner... boy, you shoulda seen it. If you really want to hurl, scroll quickly between my blurry shots and this mad sharp one of the room, blurry, clear, blurry, clear, bluuuu. Fun huh?

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