Saturday, April 28, 2012

Minneapolis gothic with dog

Here we find a couple rendered in point n shoot realism, posed in the traditional dress -- retro casual-- and stance -- behind a dog -- of the folk of this region.  Their direct gaze speaks to a certain contentment with a stroll in the sun-dappled evening, or could be interpreted as a resigned endurance of the hordes of Edina residents descending on the neighborhood for the Institute of Arts' annual Art In Bloom exhibit, nervously cruising down Clinton Ave. with their windows up and their doors locked looking for a parking spot where the Mercedes won't attract unwanted attention.

The gentleman dogwalker insists this is his every day attire, and we applaud sartorial splendor as the norm rather than only busting it out for special occasions, like going to Aldi. The chain-shackled wallet and hands on firearms in pockets lend a delightfully menacing tone, though our mofo won't be making much of a getaway in dress shoes.

The late afternoon sun has lit the woman's titian locks on fire (in a non-emergency sort of way) and the framer of this composition could have saved a lot of retinal disharmony by not having her stand in front of a flame red car. But this affords a Who Wore Red Better moment -- duh, she did.

Finally, we come to the noble beast who symbolizes, by his rapt attention to something over there,  south Minneapolis' yearning for something over there, something better, maybe Portland.

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