Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hare & Hart

I don't know how this formatting happened but act natural and it will probably go away.  Eyeballs upward. And then downward. Now up and down real fast. Yup, the hairy clutch above is still KICKIN.
Everyone turn around and look at THIS (and i'm pointing at the blue leather jacket with the ray of zipper zinging out at the exact angle of happiness. Editors are always asking me, What's the angle? THIS is the angle)  I'm delighted to report, 3/4 of this jacket, which is made of supple-icious leather in Argentina in a way that would make even the dead cow happy, has MINNESOTA origins. No effin way, you say?  Word, awful people.  This jacket is the newest in a line of eco-friendly yet beautiful (these terms have previously been mutually exclusive) stuff by born-and-hot-dish raised Jennie Engelhardt and her Carlton College pal Emily Harrison, who is from Argentina but spent her experimental formative years here. So we give her an honorary.  Oh, before I blather any further, go go GO to the website hareandhart.com and feast your eyes on the most delicious stuff ever to be made from the hamburger industry!
See?  These girls, Jennie and Emily, Hart and Hare, have a goer here.  I can't wait for the sleek and updated chaps!  Fall2013, right girls.?  Sign me up.

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