Friday, October 5, 2012

the stroll

Boys of summer, gentlemen of fall.  Trying to capture the majesty of the river and the crazy colors with a point n shoot camera, first one and then the other old dude bon vivant passed me, in the same attitude of easy perambulation.  This is how you stroll. This is how you get a little fresh air and sunshine.  You see what's new in your 'hood since yesterday. You don't hurry, you don't chatter on your cellphone. You walk slowly but steadily and notice things -- dogs, trees, signs, wood chips left by the city. And your clothes are comfortable -- trainers, jeans belted up nice and high, flannel shirt and your favorite cap. Old guys and caps, inseparable.  Just after this snapshot, they both stopped and bent backward sort of stiffly, watching a flock of geese flying south.

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