Wednesday, October 24, 2012

off-duty CindyLou shops

Even now that I know better,  I refuse to believe she is not an off-duty model stocking up on bok choy and broccoli rabe for dessert.  Let's go over the telltale signs. 1. Body is tailor-made to make others imagine they too would look fierce in a  9' x 1' tube of silk knit.  2.  Black as a lifestyle.  3. Ability to carry off a leather jacket, knotted big shirt, leggings and boots and look terminally cool rather than forgetful.  4. Topknot that doubles as an observatory and says,  I'm heading into hair and makeup where Raoul will make the magic happen.  5. Eyes, nose, mouth, all the features you'd expect on a face but without the pores, pimples, trenches, bags and blotches I like to think of as character. Or disease. 
No my friends, she tried to disabuse me of the notion but it's all there in black and black.  The CindyLou reference comes from her wistful expression. See, I said, Work with me. Give me wistful. Let's see wistful. And the Trader Joe's employees, who were not off-duty, gave me a little bit of hateful and I went to buy some hair and makeup.

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