Saturday, October 6, 2012

vintage Italian tats!

Boots boots boots.  Vintage Italian boots, I meant. All shiny and mini-wedged and buckled for safety against the g-forces when you hop on your Vespa and tear off at a blinding 15 mph. The top part is suede so you won't get nasty patent leather blisters on your knees. 
There's a heckuva lot going on here in terms of decorative elements, but something I'll call out is the Alexander McQueen shorts.  She's a designer,  moved here (and by here, I mean Minneapolis) from a hippie commune in Bend, OR and is, like, oooo this is diff'rent. In a good way. She's finding lots of artsy stuff to do including incising her upper epidermal layers with pretty pictures.  These are courtesy of Shane at Twilight Tattoo.

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