Sunday, October 14, 2012

i tonally luv what she's wearing

Zounds her legs are irradiated!  Oh nevermind, she just went through the airport scanner on the way to visit our fair city from her home in San Francisco.  There's a little bit of no danger to the public though.  (I always opt for the pat down and then moan a lot whilst they're doing it -- get my money's worth for darn sure)  Anyhoo, Kayla is a recent graphic designer,,  and therefore licensed to wear bold color combos.  She's hiding her kelly green fingernails that almost perfectly match her purse because I was obviously about one Pantone away from a messy meltdown with shouting and writhing in which centuries-old Chinese vases might accidentally be swept off their display pedestals and crash into dusty particles and I would be extradited to China as part of a persona nongrata exchange program.  And the U.S. would get Psy.  She just couldn't risk it, so she didn't take her hands out of her pockets til after I took the photo whence I was cuffed and taken down by the Institute brown shirts guards for using a flash. And given a pat down.  Ha.

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