Monday, October 15, 2012

let's look at hair

 Do you look like this shopping at Trader Joe's? Awful liar, you do not.  She just came from INsalon 2012, a Salon and Spa Professional Organization event that showcases the latest innovations in hair, nails and other protein-rich body interfaces. Which explains a lot.

 Like this.  Don't try this at home friends. It's the three-day opus of experts -- first colored, then cut and, just today, styled with 1,000 bobby pins.  It's pretty, if you like stuff that doesn't look like roadkill on your head.

Yes, backcombing happened, and so did a new procedure similar to a crimper of yore, but newer, that made her hair bigger.  You can see evidence of it behind her ear. She's right -- it does look better than this
There have been advancements in 'dos.  But the don'ts remain largely unchanged...

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