Saturday, October 27, 2012

coolest people to ever come out of a fancy cheese shop

Voted Least Embarrassing Parents in a recent poll by a coalition of Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift fans, these two have caused an unprecedented flurry of activity down at MPR where the marketing department is totes rethinking the whole boxed set of James Taylor/Simon and Garfunkel/patchouli air freshener thing. Now they're envisioning Jackson Browne and one of those little knives for spreading soft cheeses with a roach clip handle.  Oh enough.
Count me among the slavering sycophants cuz I LUV THESE TWO.  In a completely shallow harmless wardrobe way.  But seriously, who could exude just the right mix of adorable, cool and badass?  Two per of Frye harness boots, that's who.  Styled as you like it -- jeans over,  jeans in, busted up or brand new 'n shiny 'n ready to kick some A and take some names.  With a political twist.  See (NO you can't see, oh the frustration), she's stomping for the NO vote on the marriage amendment.  That's what her button says.  She's stomping in her tuf boots,  stomping for government to please get their hands out of their intern's pants, stomping for... what?  Not stomping?  It's stumping?  That's insane because she doesn't look stumping at all in those awesome Frye Harness boots.
This mess has been brought to you by Psychologically Fragile Bloggers Who Are a Bit Fryed.

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