Thursday, October 25, 2012

bridesmaid revisited

I just like the way she took this long floaty dress off its pedestal and was like, Mmmhmm baby, you and me and my mustard-colored friends from the block are going to Trader Joe's, and then we're going to clean out the litter box and if you're not careful, we might take a spin class, so get over it. Ok fine, here are some necklaces. Happy?
I give you this digitally reproduced transcript of the conversation to illustrate The Best Repurposing of a Bridesmaid Dress Ever.  She works at a bridal shop and therefore has a lot of experience with uppity dresses that imagine they're going to be retired and entitled to space in the closet after one vinous Macarena-rich night.
P.S. I have just created the most effective ad for Rice Drink in the history of propaganda. That was completely on purpose.

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