Sunday, September 30, 2012

my new favorite person on earth

So many reasons. 1) She did not hurry away and call the police when I ran after her outside the St. Paul Goodwill hollering and wearing what appeared to be a squirrel on my head, later determined to be my hair   2) She is the friendliest, most delightful person ever to rock leather Lucky Brand pants that already look pretty effin awesome but she is going to bump up by narrowing the bottoms and having zippers installed  3) She has worn out in leopard feet   4) She used to be in Apparel Design at MCTC but switched to radiology because she Has A Plan, and it's so smart I'm going to tell you about it, but I think it's copyrighted so you'll have to contact her before you use it. More than ten fashion-minded girls graduate from design programs and discover they need $500,000 right now.  To get started. Damn.  Jongma (that's her name and excellent thing #5 but I get ahead of myself), who is originally from Minneapolis, wants to live in Italy where she will wear foxy ensembles like this and no one will harrass her outside the Goodwill-a.  Hmmm, how to make a living in Italy?  A. Radiation! Everyone needs it, even Italians.  Radiology does not tax her creative system, so she goes home to her flat in Florence and designs away late into the night drinking good wine which does not give her a headache.  Bella! (that's Italian for lasagna)    5) Her name is Jongma -- the g is silent and the a sounds like er, so pronounced just like it's spelled   6) She's wearing a witchy amulet pouch with a Vince Camuto jacket...
that she got in South Carolina (so there you go) from a Native American voodoo technician woman. It's got a tiny dreamcatcher on the outside and inside there's a leather packet that may or may not hold the whiskers of a three-year-old goat, her paper nametag from when she worked at Opitz Annex, a folded up picture of Keanu Reeves (he is probably reading this so, heads up man) and six tiny but extra witchy ivory skulls.  and 6) she said I looked badass in my All Saints tight pants but I think she meant badskin because when I got home I discovered a big pimple on my chin. 
Some photo notes:  I made her put on the sunglasses and stick out her arm with the big blazing bracelet on it and stand in some shade dappled with atomic sun so I could do insane things with Photoshop.

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