Thursday, September 20, 2012

headless but not heedless

I'm pretty sure she told me to cut off her head at the exact level of the top of the fence so it would look like there had been a gruesome hedge-trimming accident.  I aim to please.  Anyway, she's using the old missing noggin because she prefers not to have her image on the Internet. Which I respect.  

And I've got a funny story about that, later. So there's that to look forward to.

But for now, enjoy with me what you can see, and that is her beautifully textured and artisanal looking sweater, worn as a tunic. It was gifted by her mum, from Switzerland.  The sweater and the mum, both from Switzerland. She grew up in Switzerland, speaking French. Being rude shrewd,  I said, Hold your lederhosen Heidi. You don't sound Swiss or French. You sound Macalester-ese.  And then she had to go into detail about how her parents were offered sweet jobs in Switzerland and so they moved there when she was very small. Because of the Alps. And the muesli, I assume. 

Speaking of photos on the Internet and some top cropping that was not done on a couple royal glands, the kumquat and I were soaking it up on the French Riviera at about the same time, and twice, the both of us scandalously swam topless. I have not seen any photos yet, but proactively, I'd like to talk to any paparazzi about judicious use of Photoshop.  My hair was at an awkward stage and I looked like Roy Orbison, ok?

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