Saturday, September 22, 2012

Envision organizer skedaddles in faux leather pants

I was on my way to loiter outside the Graves 601 where Envision Artopia (envision fashion + art before and after seven cocktails) was happening when I spotted Nicole making 60 mph in the opposite direction. Let's not characterize it as a get away, really.  See, Nicole played some role in organizing this throwdown, a role which shall remain lost in my gray cells, bumping into other bits of information like non-immediate family birthdays and the French phrase for No no, a bigger cup with correspondingly more coffee in it.
Anyway,  she assured me she was not evading a verklempt fash-tastrophe but had, in fact, completed her mission and was on her way to another party.  And what perfect partywear.  The Piper Lime studded flats are super effective at clearing the way through stubborn knots of drunkards hanging around the beer bong.  And toward the end of the evening, when salsa and mojitos and six kind of bodily effluents are splashing here and there and on your pants -- no worries.  That polyvinyl hoses off like a Motel 6 mattress. She's got two par. Wears em all the time. I am not wondering about her social life at all.  Just about social lives in general.

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