Tuesday, September 4, 2012

lotta pinterest here

Just trying to keep you mofos current with the Pinterest reference.  Here's what I know about that cyber bulletin board: I don't get it, even more than Facebook, but it seems real heavy on fancy braids and clothing (Marc Jacobs, I die! Or just feel very bad for a minute!) The photo above seems a likely candidate, with more going on behind her back than Ellyn Woods'.  Her hair, all inwardly, outwardly, sidewardly, was done by her mom. Which takes the fun out of saying, Your mom does hair.  See because her mom does do.... sheesh.  Also, where I like to display a big swath of sweat, she opted for rococococococo (pronounced: very fancy) lace.  You go ahead and Pin this on the interwebs -- I don't know how.

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