Tuesday, September 11, 2012

back to school

This is a refresher course for those of you who are new to my blog and, heck, for me to re-examine what the holy jumpsuit I'm doing here on MNstyle. This old photo, from Cinco de Mayo 2009, is one of my favorites and shall be example A.  A+  if I may be so bold.
This is a street style blog. So if you thought this was about food or politics or dudes' hairy legs (see masthead way above) you're in the right place!  Because, not only is street style more interesting than any of those topics, my version of it sort of bleeds over into a lot of related categories.  Like woodchucks. 
I hatched this blog because I have a bike and a camera, and quite a bit of time on my hands! Also, my blood pressure goes through the roof when I see how people (there are some up in ex. A) decide to cover their naughty bits. Or not! I could hurl some stuff like, Clothing both covers and reveals, but that's BS.  I hate when people try to smarten style up.  It's pretty. I like it. End o story.  Always, the reason I fall off my bike and totter over to unsuspecting innocents is BECAUSE I LIKE THE WAY THEY LOOK.  I put that in caps because that's the take-away.  Oftentimes I drivel on about particle physics or other shit that was going on outside the frame of the photo. To give you a little perspective. I don't always say I AM ABOUT TO WET MY PANTS BECAUSE HER TIGHT JUMPSUIT IS A METAPHOR FOR OPHELIA, AND PITH HELMET + TIE + PEPE LAFITTE SWAMP TRAWLERS?  PIMPIN FABULOUS!  That is understood. Like cocktails at 4:00.  A lot of times, my victims subjects are rocking some Forever 21 piece o trash.  I don't care. It's the way they're wearing it, or their attitude, or fuck it I'm just going to out with it -- because they're good lookin. I have absolutely no priors with the SPPD, by the way.  So to recap,  I do not take photos of clothes.  I don't make a laundry list of what the subject is wearing and, sweet jehosephat, I don't ask them to describe their style (like asking a kid to smile, you get the devil incarnate that makes you want to barf). I take photos of people in clothes and chat them up a bit so's I can share what I dug about the whole dang tableau with you.  And that's what MNstyle is all about Charlie Brown.

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