Monday, September 24, 2012

teen angels

Where to start.  Young. Beautiful. Attending Envision pure of heart and liver, to watch their other BFF walk in the show rather than for the likker (oh for legal).  Accoutered in an A-list of designer duds as deep as that Balenciaga bag (right) and as high as the Louboutins (left).  And not that quick with the pepper spray either.  So after we introduced ourselves -- mom's piece o' fox and Alice + Olivia bedazzled dress on the left and be-sheerly-ed top from Argentina + Parker skirt + science project-sized Balenciaga bag + MuiMui sandals -- I started feeling sort of uncomfortable for accepting fashion candy from children.  When asked outright, they said they are juniors, in high school.  Are you, like me, thinking, Wow babysitting must pay better now than it used to?  I wrestled with the idea that Forever 21 was the official wardrobe provider for the under-age set and stumbled over the pile of fancy duds before me. Being shameless curious, I pressed for the name of the high school -- "a downtown high school."  I know what you're thinking -- Edison, and their exclusive International Baccalaureate program for Life on the Streets.  Logical as this may seem, there were a few elements that just didn't add up. Here they are..
The iconic scarlet sole reveals The Blake School, the foundation of a solid education in couture.

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