Wednesday, September 12, 2012

flower gold

Heh heh, the title of this post may require some explanation. Because the thousands previously have been so obvious?  Anyway... when our younger daughter popped out like a six-pound pumpkin seed, her older sister, four years old and still under the sway of my hippie zeitgeist, suggested the most beautiful name she could think of -- Flower Gold.  In the end, we went with something less likely to be involved in a cult.
The woman above is very beautiful (thus flower) and shining like the last day of summer with gold (you're on your own) -- the wealth you see and a coupla earfuls you can't see.  So I'll just tell you (because that is very satisfying) that on the left she has a little fork earring.  Being the unimaginative sort I am,  I craned my neck and strained my eyeballs to find the corresponding knife on the right.  No such. Whoa. But the exercise did make me look extra creepy.
I don't care if she was carrying around two mini-aquariums of sweat on the end of her legs, I heart-- not all boots with jorts-- but specifically those boots with jorts.  A little bit motorcyle-y about the strap, a soupcon dandy about the toe, 100% on the job of kicking ass even when the rest of the ensemble appears to be relaxed and chill.

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