Thursday, September 27, 2012

the business cards

Hurray for business cards!  Say what you will about those little toothpicks-in-a-pinch, Booz Clooz business cards are just dandy for recalling those details between noon and 10 a.m. the next day.  Example A+ above -- stunning, right?  Give me some credit friends; I can stalk with the best of them.  We chatted, she graduated from an accredited apparel design program which I could remember, if I wanted to.  I may have shown her pics from my trip to France, and next thing you know aliens are giving me a complete, and I mean complete, physical aboard their podcraft  I've lost my virginity.  But by golly, I still have her business card.  Hello Andrea. She's a fashion designer. Not only that, she's a fashion maker. She designed and made the very fine fitting mullet skirt. And the dip dyed hair.  She did not make the blouse or the shoes or the bag, so look away, pay no attention to those elements.  Here's the amazing part...
she let me take this photo of her bust. eeyay!  It's leather! It's two-toned! She made it!  No breasts necessary!  That last really got my interest.  No matter how old or saggy or under-endowed or flat-footed or peg-legged you may be, Andrea said she could design and make something that would make you look this smokin hot. I'm pretty sure she said that. So email, and make sure to tell her about the goiter.  Because that's going to require some finesse, and no doubt.

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