Sunday, September 9, 2012

agents for Urban Apparel outed

Cutest mug shot of all time!  We've got 1. crocheted dress with low back and (thank you!) white bit cover, 2. sheer shirt (again saucily foundationed) with rib-cage warming shorts and Hunger Games braid that makes me jealous of people with hair instead of fur, and 3. jacked up shoes with Jeffrey Campbell aspirations and beribboned hairette. All of this, less than a macchiatto away from its provenance at the retail intersection of Hennepin and Lake.  Wholesome as charged.  Apparel-ently (I slay myself), their employers put them up to this, making the innocent passerby imagine maybe underpants and American Apparel aren't mutually exclusive, and maybe the music in Urban Outfitters won't be as bad as having your teeth pulled out with pliers.

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