Tuesday, September 18, 2012

wedding bells are NOT adinging

I have no explanation for my recent and completely unique-in-my-experience interest in wedding gowns.  I've had two just occasions to get into that genre -- my own traipse down the aisle and older daughter's Big Day -- but did not reach the fever pitch of involvement and allotment of mental space others have described.  My energies, like many hippie chicks of the day, were directed at consummating the marriage -- the wedding itself was by my mom, for my mom. All mom all the time.  She and I devoted one entire morning to shopping, which is how I ended up with a long off-white bedazzled t-shirt.  It was on sale!  It had short sleeves and a crew neck. Perhaps if I'd run across the three-ring circus above in our two hours of shopping,  it would have ignited my imagination. Or something. 
Now, with no wedding in the offing, I've started seeing dresses.  Gowns for sexy brides, sassy brides, princess brides, pregnant brides (shotgun not included), Greek goddess brides, Jersey Shore brides, second brides.  And the hootenany above. Also my niece, Ava, started designing frocks for Olia Zavozina (zavo-wha?) in Nashville, where weddings are BIG and so are the brides flowers.  Here is the link, oliazavozina.com.  Strapless strapless strapless,  I'd like to see a bit less shoulder and a lot more creativity.  I like the pitless look. It's sexy and completely sweatproof. How about peekaboo elbows, or an alluring lace panel over the knees?  I'm going to sketch something up, send it to Ava. For the oddball cat-fancying skink-like bride.

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