Thursday, September 6, 2012

extreme cheating on mirror fast

See, I made her put on her sunglasses, inside, so that I could get a tiny, vague and distorted glimpse of myself in her lenses.  At least I hope it's distorted. My nose isn't that bulbous...
You've heard of this mirror fast thing, right?  Stupid.  I say, if every time you look in the mirror, Angelina Jolie is looking back, obsess away.  Especially if you're a guy.
No, we were in my favorite loitering spot, My Sister's Closet, and I made her put on the shades to complete the fun retro theme she had going on. Then when I cropped out all the distractingly nifty clothes in the background,  I could make her really really big so you can appreciate her high-waisty shorts and her big wide belt and the intricate pattern of her tights. And if you strain your eyeballs, Angelina Jolie in inappropriately scanty running clothes in her lenses.

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