Wednesday, February 1, 2012

too much information, not enough income

Icky. Smooshing together all of my little schemes, my degrading jobs, my half-baked very professional writing gigs, i made less than $20,000 last year. i believe that is less than the gains of a housekeeper at Motel 6. true, housekeepers work harder. this is always a difficult time for me friends. normally i live in a numberless, impressionistic (lower case) world to maintain my version of sanity, but when those tax forms start coming in, even i can't pretend.
little truth here that no editor would pay for -- in the last year, i have been offered writing jobs for national magazines for 6 cents/word, for 8 cents/word, for the honor alone. thirty years ago, when i started writing, 25 cents/word was considered low. i just finished enjoying Rum Diaries, by Hunter S. Thompson, in which writers in 1958 drink a lot and complain about earning $75 for a travel story. The star tribune offered me $60 two years ago for an 850-word travel story. i have my pride. i told them national geographic bought it. then i got a job cleaning toilets.
P.S. Above post was stupidly written last night when i was depressed realistic. Now i've had a fifth of coffee and see that i was merely wallowing in realism. i'm thinking about taking up art, for the money.

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