Monday, February 13, 2012

model right out of the gate

Still reeling from the fine service on my dark-thirty flight and loaded down with all my worldly possessions in a Cub backpack (gonna get me one of those shopping carts that i see so many of my peers wheeling), and wham bam, or rather lui wen (i base this grossly racist assumption on the fact that she's tall, thin, pretty and asian), MODEL dead ahead! i do in fact love her compleat black look with very tuff motorcycle vest but mostly the silver reinforced bag/weapon! i babbled on in a very psychotic sophisticated way and asked her what shows she was walking (that's the lingo, sheesh) and she outed with the iPhone and showed me her schedule. legit! she was just the nicest quietest person to ever get into grrranimals X-long clothing, so i cut off her head and said have fun! instead of break a leg! to get us both off on the right foot, and then was immediately filled with self-doubt and loathing because duh wearing beautiful clothes and crazy makeup and having your photo splashed around the world and being the unattainable standard of beauty by which everyone else feels bloated and hideous is not fun, it's work. i should know  just shut up.
P.S. I forgot, the unfortunate framing incident you see above is actually called creative cropping in the biz. sheesh.

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