Saturday, February 18, 2012

This is Nadine Ponce, supermodel

Unretouched, no airbrushing, no photoshop, no makeup, straight up fierce in 4" heels, arriving for the Herve Leger (which i pronounced Hervee Ledger and she pronounced Airvay Lezhair) show which she was walking in, not gawking at. Have you any idea how often she has looked at a camera? Normally though she would have earned 10 clams for a snap like this but she was so appalled by my mullet and i was so mortified by my own hideous opportunism that the whole thing went down in a stunned moment. So this is something extremely beautiful and something ugly at the same time. Dang. Ok well, what's done is done. Let's celebrate Nadine's loveliness and my smarminess because her agency may be sending big men over to break my knees. And my camera.

Above is Nadine in a day look by Alexander McQueen, fall 2012.


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