Monday, February 6, 2012

she's done her homework

Heading from the library with books and papers and dots and dashes, she makes a lovely study in pattern. Check off street style blogs as yet more stuff white people like, But she played along with me because I look exactly like Barry Manilow

but less smooth. and less cleavage. So she was understandably appalled star struck.

On a sharp left turn into neverland related note, i have been upbeat, positive, nice, all that shit, long enough. i have had it up to here and cannot live the lie one more second. i need to be snarky like i need pucker oxygen. So buckle your seatbelts mofos, i booked myself a trip to NYC during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, imposed my filthy unemployed self on my gainfully employed offspring and am planning a 72-hour rave, big apple style. Psyche foo', you don't plan a rave. even barry manilow knows that. nonetheless, i will do whatever it takes to get invited to an after-party. preferrably the FUBU after-party. i'm gettin my bitch on -- come on white people, let's do Street Style!

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