Tuesday, February 28, 2012

men, i have one word: ankles

If there's an overriding take-away from FashionWeek 2012 for the XY half of the population, it's ankles.  Upon further inspection, the woman in the photo above is rocking flashy ankles too, but for dudes, it is all about that previously under-appreciated joint at the corner of pant and shoe. I guess my blog spokesmodel and I were prescient about the whole fetching lambshank trend. Again. But this trip to epicenter confirmed, gents who be happening have pants that stop short, allowing plenty of respiration and bold expression in hosiery (accessorized) or pallid hairy skin (plain). 

Meet Steven Onoja, below, chief cook and bottle washer at his gentstyle site, OstentationandStyle.com, and leader in the Free Ankles Now (FAN) movement. Wait a minute -- do you smell the sock lobby beneath all this? (thanks, you've been a great audience, i'll be here all century)
Steven and I are practically twins because our views on fashion are so aligned -- ankles loud and proud, liberal use of camo, short and tight as a lifestyle, underwear as outerwear and thrift first, last and always. I don't know how he feels about using thrift as a verb but I did not see evidence of this moral failing on his website. Read on fancy men, further posts will substantiate the rise of the ankle and its handmaiden, the fall of the arch.

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