Tuesday, February 14, 2012

setting the scene

In case you didn't know, it's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC, or as scenesters say, FashionWeek. one word. This is the facade they built off the courtyard in Lincoln Center so it looks classier than fighting your way out of a Eureka tent. See those steps they built? Site of some very close calls with fierce platforms -- lotta teetering and sudden loss of confidence. and luggage. anyhoo, the square where i am standing is all picturesque with a fountain and absolutely shoulder to shoulder with street style bloggers taking pictures of each other and resounding with the smack of air kisses. Mwwwwaaaaa, daaaahrling don't i look nervous? Interestingly no one took my photo. I blame that on my under-eye satchels  them. Lots more where this came from gangsters, but one more thing now before i perk up my mullet -- i learned on the subway that Fiber One bars are the official snack of Mercedes Benz FashionWeek. I thought it was parsley. Air kisses, call me.

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