Sunday, February 26, 2012

lovely in leather

Again, shameless paparazzi-ism on my part. I did not engage these two in conversation at all. I saw fields of soft drapey leather, I saw heels all out there, collars that lost their shirt, so much... Picture James T. Kirk, helpless against the strange glowing tractor beam drawing him and his tight bell-bottom capris ever closer....
PETA Pals, get your buckets of blood because here we see animal hide used in 14 different beautiful, inventive ways. In fact, I think they deserve dispensation for extraordinarily excellent use of material. The woman on the left proved without doubt that less is more. To wit, the shirtless collar, the sleeveless trenchcoat, the linerless lace skirt, the heelless shoes with leatherless shiny elevators. If you ever wondered how to accessorize a statement piece like a full flowing leather skirt, turn your eyeballs upward and wonder no more. I was hoping to capture a reflection of myself scrunched over taking the photo in the shiny heels/no heels but when I leaned down to get close, my 53-pound Cub backpack fell forward pulling me with it so that I was literally on my hands and knees with a mild concussion in Lincoln Center.  Lesson?  Knee pads.