Thursday, February 23, 2012

I don't get out much either

We were both inordinately thrilled with being at the Lagoon Theatre. Ole! Of course, I was at the Lagoon Theater, so that's different. I think that shit on the front of her shirt qualifies as froufrou, which I like. It's a modern hair dicky, which thank goodness, because the old ones needed updating real bad. Or insulation to keep the mid-ventral line nice and toasty. I for one lose a lot of heat from my midline. In case you missed em, I got up close with her triple tuff booties below. I took it real hard when I found out the shirt is Forever 21 and the boots are Target. How can she be so cute and happy knowing that? Anyhoo, she thanked me for validating her decision to get dressed before going out.

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