Thursday, February 9, 2012

black and white and red all over

Ok, i dig long skirts. There, i said it. Call me old fashioned, call me over the hill; today's dresslets ai... ai...ghuuuuu. i loathe bob seger. i digress.
Long skirts have drama and movement. You could def do modern dance ala martha graham in a long skirt. Long skirts have mystery -- you wonder if they're just covering up shit like hairy legs or a boil, or whether she just liked the repeating tiers of black and white so much, she wished it would keep going southward forever 'n ever. a woman of few words and strong colors, she just said she liked long skirts. think what you will. 
a relevant behind-the-scenes note is that i spotted this woman from the seat of my dope circa 1990 10-speed bike on the inaugural ride of 2012. Despite my snowsuit and hi tech mittens developed by NASA, i had lost use of my hands so i kind of coasted into the curb to stop and may or may not have gotten a thrill from the sweet rabbit-eared gear shifters.

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