Thursday, July 7, 2011

Born in the USA

Meant to get this up on the 4th of July but I was in Rockford, IL having my eyeballs scorched and my heart rhythms rearranged by $63,000 worth of fireworks. Rockford decided to put on this pyrotechnics show instead of having public education past the third grade.  The good mofos of Rockford were delighted.
I digress. I took the above Harley enthusiasts outside Grand Old Creamery where they were about to get some grand old premium ice cream and i was struck by the American-ness of this scene. I was a tiny bit disappointed that none of these badasses had on chaps but the woman on the left represented in the beaded vest that she actually got in Sturgis. That's the good part, US of A, freak flags flying.  Commie pinko that i am, i looked into Harleys and the percentage of red white and blue-ness of those couches on wheels, and i'm happy to rain on your parade. you might as well just send $24K to chairman mao. president, chairman, whatever. happy 4th of july suckas!
P.S. Explaining myself here, which is tough. One thing for sure, this here blog is sincere. I sincerely like the presentation of the people I victimize photograph. I truly dug these bikers' clarity of vision. Their sartorial statement is focused, straightforward, unapologetic. I am not about mockery here. You've seen me -- how could i mock anyone? Right on. Unfortunately, my injudicious use of suckas (which i meant like mankind) was misinterpreted. we are all suckas sending $$$ to china. i was not speaking specifically but rather generally. what the hell, rockford's $63,000 in fireworks went straight to some party bigwig. i like chinese food, don't you?


Baje said...

badasses? Hardly. You are looking at an accountant for a local college, a school teacher and 2 sales people. :-) And the woman on the left rides a V-Star. Nice try though. You'll have to wait for a day not in the 90's to see the matching chaps to go with the vest. Maybe another day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow - you think you can write about Americans and badasses? YOU are a FREAK mam. Get a clue!

Anonymous said...

sic em Barbie! ...Grandpa Jim