Thursday, July 28, 2011

six degrees of connection

Good things come to those who stalk, and i mean that in the least creepy way possible.  i was actually pursuing Natalie's neighbors with significant zeal on a paying gig (honing my craft, gangstas, honing my craft) and while they eluded me, i saw Natalie in her beautifully printed vintage shirtdress (she has a whole collection of em), cute red belt and flats and tons 'o tats. she gave the demure shirtdress a whole new life, as a musician! the dress is not the musician, silly, natalie is. natalie lovejoy, or if you'd like to visit her online,  i'm enjoying the CD she gave me even now. so i'd already met a fascinating person with great style and scored a CD, when it kept getting better and more coincidental. she also cuts hair (to fund the music biz, and buy cute retro dresses) and was about to go cut the hair of an architect i'm working with on above mentioned paying gig! in fact, she's working with same architect on same project i'm writing about! too weird and coincidental! i was thinking-- look at all these connections! she was like, i gotta go. and then, as happens when i'm in the presence of stylists and plastic surgeons, i got a little self-conscious. i had just got out of the pool and clapped a bike helmet on the whole chemically mess so i looked:
A. very nice
B. like Ariel
C. like Helena Bonham Carter on a fragile day
By the by, Natalie is playing a Kickstarter concert at Aster Cafe on Aug 11th. so do something with your hair for crying out loud and go.

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