Monday, July 25, 2011

no Meatloaf, no gala

Look at this completely candid street style photo i got of Bill Clinton!
 So i vacillated like crazy about whether to hop on my broom/bike and do some gala level stalking at the Starkey dog fight. In favor was it was a gorgeous evening and in my own backyard and big stars like Meatloaf would be there. Also Bill Clinton. Opposed were that it was a gorgeous evening and i had hamburgers grilling in my backyard and big stars like Meatloaf would be there. And Bill Clinton. Hamburgers won out over Meatloaf! That, and the fact that events like this are the antithesis of street style and, like a kids' birthday party, bring out the Helena Bonham Carter in ordinarily sweet and innocent dressers. Dinner consumed in our usual piranha-like 17 seconds, thoughts turned to dessert and the Dairy Queen down on West 7th, near River Centre. Or as i like to call it, River Center. i figured i could catch the first sneaker-outers, and i was right. the above photo is a cautionary tale of the kind of really terrible shadows and lighting that happen when you try to take a picture during an atomic blast. or at about 7 pm out on kellogg blvd. so in the event of the big one, don't try to take a photo.  they got their finery at Madalestroms. at exactly 7:01, i saw whoopi goldberg sneaking out but i had the good taste not to document it.

What a trooper! Smiling and searing her eyeballs, professional journalist (is this Natalie Kane? she introduced herself but i was only listening for my own name because i'm a worthless journalist) from Channel 4 is working this Nicole Miller upholstery. 
i rode around to the back entrance looking for Meatloaf and hung around until a bum, or maybe Billy Ray Cyrus, made a lewd suggestion and because it did not involve Dairy Queen, i left.

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