Monday, July 18, 2011

Bastille Day at Barbette

 Manly, aye, but i like it too. 'member that irish spring deodorant soap commercial from the pleistocene? i know, stop with the highbrow academic references already. the two above freshened up, put on their matching outfits and stepped on down to Barbette to watch the fire juggler in close proximity with other sweaty people, as you would on a stinking hot sunday. i've noticed more guys buying into the breezy updraft-availing kilt. unfortunately their footwear has not evolved similarly -- this guy is actually carrying around two aquariums full of sweat on the end of his legs.

 I just want to validate her cute shoes and nice graphic legs and color-blocked shoulders, so she knows her suffering was not in vain. seriously, tights? i was only barely covering the private bits because food was being served, and i was still about to pass out. she said she was covering up all the mosquito bites.

Is she just wearing this Marimekko-esque frock or what? Observe not only the groovy pattern but also the two keyhole cutouts at the neck. Here's the truly amazing part-- she did not know the label on the dress. Yes, purchased at Nu Look consignment, but label? designer? nuthin. irrelevant. as a career label ho, my world was rocked by this blithe innocence and i had to furrow my brow  even more than it normally is and let the synapses scurry around with the air intake slightly ajar. wha?

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Maggie P. said...

She wears the unknown label well.