Friday, July 22, 2011

Stone Arch Bridge

OK everyone turn around and look at this -- an obvious street style plant. Who knew the city of Minneapolis was just that desperate to maintain fashion dominion over their sibling St. Paul (mmmm dysfunctional families) as to stage a style sighting. Heaven knows how many times this woman strolled oh so casually (an attempt at sarcasm -- this is professional styling or i'll sell my teeth)  over the Stone Arch Bridge waiting for some sTooly like me to come along. The out-of-frame man-ccessory? Duh, makeup man. He dabbed off the sweat every time they got to the end of the bridge. 

Now that i've completed the University's study of paranoid schizophrenics i get to start taking the meds, so that's probably a plot relief to all. Let's get down to it. Unlike the blissfully label-unaware woman at Bastille Dayz a few posts ago, this woman practically had a printed wardrobe list with QR codes (ok, paranoid like a fox i am).  The grab-you-by-the-eyeballs red gladiator sandals are by El Naturalista from and they were sustainably and sensitively made by proud South American native people who were encouraged to celebrate their traditional lifestyle unless it was a drag in which case they were given an iPhone 4G and taught how hack it (psyche! AT&T). The skirt is from Cliche and fits perfectly and even though it's gathered it doesn't make her look like a pumpkin (hello makeup man/husband/stylist with your Hollywood fashion tape).  The ruffly shirt doesn't go too far so as to become a puffy shirt and i really really liked it until she told me it was Forever 21 and i went into a spiral of despair over the futility of couture workmanship. she talked me off the ledge (bridge) by saying it was necessary to achieve sweatshop/sustainable balance with the strong shoeju voodoo going on down below.  Why did i imagine my plastic hello kitty point n shoot which has little cats inside coloring your pictures with crayons would allow me to zoom in on her earrings? It did not. Well huh. Because her earrings, by Marisa Martinez up in the Casket Arts Bldg in NE, were these spectacular blue drops hung from a filigreed setting... well they were the prettiest damn thing you ever didn't see. Man, i hope i get a shitload of advertising $$$ from all this name dropping.


ruffhog said...

Great photo, great style. But your post.... Wow. Just wow.

Sarah said...

is that wow in a way that means i need medication and a job? 'cuz in my alternate plane of existence, that's what wow means.