Saturday, July 23, 2011

what would Lady Gaga wear at Trader Joes?

 Answer is: Tahari dress with pearl-esque necklace and Calvin Klein pumps. Let me give you a version, to the best of my memory, of the firehose of information i got in the space of 27 seconds or so in the parking lot of Trader Joes on a Saturday when she had returned her cart already and several drivers were waiting for her spot with the safety off of their sawed-off shotgun after i said (insincerely) I'm sorry to bother you:
Not at all I'm so honored I was at a wedding shower The dress is Tahari because I have a summer internship at ____(missed it)____ and the shoes are Calvin Klein I think of them as my Lady Gaga shoes because they're high but I can wear them to work and i was looking for something really ... out there and this was at the same time as Alexander McQueen came out with the armadillo shoe (there was a connection between these shoes and the armadillo shoe, perhaps philosophy, but i didn't have time to establish) and Jessica Simpson made a high heeled pump and (somebody else) did too but everyone had them and i found these and they're high but pretty comfortable and have some texture which i like and they're a little different and the platform at the front isn't all that high so they don't look like stripper shoes. Because that might not be good.
And we agreed stripper shoes can be misinterpreted. In Minnesota. And she got in her car and i went in Trader Joes and a driver eased off on the trigger, though his jaw had a cramp it was clenched so tight.

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