Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winner-- most unaffected hat

 So apparently Blogger is also shutting down in sympathy with the MN gov and is only allowing text in this teeny tiny font. Let it be known that i have sworn loudly and creatively many times, which usually fixes these things, to no avail. Also hard returning is not allowed. i like stream of consciousness anyway, don't you?
    Swearing worked! 
Meet Kelly, above, our Winner of Most Unaffected Hat Wearer. She receives my undying admiration and one of my valuable business cards. In our all-hair-all-the-time days, head gear wearers invariably look self conscious. Not so Foxy Brown (i'm referencing a 70s movie here my young friends and it's really working for me because kelly is foxy and wearing brown, see?).  i assumed she was an awesomely dressed undergrad. never assume -- it will make an ass of u and me (first rule of journalism that i've diligently broken ever day since the pleistocene). no no no, kelly is on her second go-round with higher education, with an intervening stint of living in asia. now she's studying human rights and korean language. and i can't be bothered to capitalize letters. 

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