Monday, July 18, 2011

manly touches in unusual places

The title of this post refers not to bad touch, stranger danger, but rather to the suede elbow patches on her otherwise feminine sweater and his Stewart plaid tank top. actually now that i see that tank top again in this photo, i'm willing to deal for it, that's how bad i want it. trying to think of what i've got to sell, let's see -- ok ok, pair of Ron Hill tracksters from the 70s (i.e. vintage track pants in a sweat-encouraging, nonbreathable nylon with stirrups), laundered fairly recently, and i throw in my 17-year-old westie Rascal. take it or leave it, that's my final offer. 
She just got back from studying in Spain which is why she's wearing her Spanish lavender sweater with the suede elbow patches that she got for $3 and her Spanish orange shorts together. that's what you do when you get back from a trip. even before i busted into the three buck chuck in my basket (ironically, same cost as the sweater and if i had to choose... ooo that would be difficult), i could feel the european-ness. this guy, he's got no european excuse. dude's working the sick plaid tank top.

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