Saturday, July 23, 2011

a Grand Saturday afternoon

 Meet Amy. She is one of those people who expresses herself well via fashion. Here she is wearing the clothing equivalent of MmmBop by Hanson as you would on a beautiful Saturday.  Catchy, lite, lotta harmony, you can dance in it. Also this multi-piece ensemble says Yay, i can wear more than one item of clothing without passing out from heat! She gets material from thrift stores.

I asked her to stand this way so you could see the nice shape of her UV protection. It's from Gap, as is her smocked blouse. She splurged on comfortable and good lookin sandals from Schuh. Shoulda been from Sandolls (i slay myself). She's standing outside My Sisters Closet because it's one of her favorite shops.  I guess if it was 100% your very favorite shop, you'd be inside it. Just to introduce some trash talking to competitive shopping, she is not going to find a purple vintage pencil skirt with pleats and buttons in the back because it's in my backpack. So don't even look for that.... Don't even.... Cuz i bought it. I guess mad skillz at trash talking about running do not cross over to shopping.

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