Thursday, July 28, 2011

on the way to yoga class

Her yoga class, not mine. (i have been banned from all yoga classes and most group athletic pursuits for laughing inappropriately).   I saw her biking in an orange shirt and mulberry colored skirt and cool print t-shirt her aunt (?) gave her and you don't see someone biking in that color combo very often, so i gave chase (i was also pedaling) which was somewhat ill-advised as it was up the marshall ave. hill and the sweat index was at public nuisance levels. i may have captured her mid-blink, which is one of my goals, or perhaps her eyes were watering from the poisonous scent and sight before her. hopefully she can clear her mind of that image in yoga class. do you just want to weep with joy over the way the lines on the road point right to this woman on her bike? i do don't either.

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