Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yes, those are Frye boots, and thanks for asking!

But whatever you do, DO NOT stare at her glowing right eye. It's rude.  Under no circumstances should you become obsessed with said orb.  Unable to look....away...can't ... fix... Photoshop... toying... with... me... ghuuuu
Instead, look downward angels because all the good stuff is happening south of the scarf, starting with the asymmetrically toggled tweed Jac (?) jacket and moving briskly on to the trippy leggings that Helmut Lang hand-marbled (probably).  Linger there before saying to yourself (never say this out loud else you be taken for a crazy lady mutterer, especially bad if you are a dude),  There's going to be hell to pay for that slush damage.  But nevermind!  Sweet as those Frye boots are, she can probably score another pair because she works at the company, doing social media.  Say, do us a little solid here and Pin-ter-book-on this photo. And draw a pirate patch over that one eye, ok?

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