Wednesday, March 6, 2013

how to wear a statement necklace with a t-shirt

See? It's easy.  We were crushed up against some candy bins by the combined 4 million psi of effort fashionable people at Cynthia Rowley's House of CuRiousities and Free Sparkling Wine, so I got a real close look at the amazing candy-like chunks of turquoise strung on a Brooklyn-sized chain.  Then wearing this minerals-by-the-pound piece with an artsy t-shirt and prairie-style denim shirt? Well,  some things, like 8-foot-tall models in black light lipstick, are there for the purpose of photographing.  Just like the wine was there to be drunk.  You'd be remiss if you didn't click n drink.  But this woman's look was the sort of quiet treasure I hope to find hiding in plain sight at these events.  Also, we'd had so much bodily contact, I felt like I should either buy her dinner or take her photo.  It was great for me -- how was it for you?

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FashionClimaxx said...

Nice blog your a cool mom lol