Wednesday, March 13, 2013

They're models

Example A:  In which runway style does not translate to street style.  These two were tottering along through the slush and execrable sidewalks of the West Village at a pace of one wobble per half-stride so as not to muss themselves and nick up some pricey duds -- that street dirt never comes off, and I speak with great authority on that. Where the sedan chair was, I have no idea, but they were with their handler who was obviously not doing his job. 

Do you have any idea how long I tried to understand the disembodied hand that I thought was sewn, very cleverly and enigmatically, to the male-del's shoulder?  Raise your hand (especially if it is detachable like this one) if this is the strangest thing you've ever seen.  It's the new Addams family line, featuring guest appearances by Cousin It.

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