Tuesday, March 19, 2013

spring break

There has been a work stoppage due to sand.  I'm in LA at the Vagabond Inn Glendale, which is very similar in terms of minimalism to the photo above.  Despite my lux surroundings and la dolce vita up the wazzoo, I would dutifully be getting up in strangers' faces and producing images of the LA sensibility regular as a bowel movement  
like all professional bloggers, I keep my Hello Kitty camera in my great big satchel along with some snacks, the key fob to my rented Kia that is the size and weight of a manual typewriter, practical shoes, lip balm, tissue that is not used but looks it, a map of all of California that I continue to consult when trying to find my way around LA and, since the first day when I drove straight out to Malibu Beach, about a pint of sand.  Surprisingly,  sand got in the little tiny retractable lens of the camera and it's now stuck in the Ouch position.  I pushed on it very hard, blew on it and considered flushing it with water -- nuthin.  I went to Abbott-Kinny, or maybe Abbott-Kinney (which sounds like rehab so that the locals will feel comfortable with it), and nearly wept over the number of Tom's-shod, snoodie-capped, flowing sheer mullet-shirted, skinny jean-snuggied hipster moments that passed by, unmolested by me.  I don't want to talk about it ... too soon.

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