Saturday, March 9, 2013

Correction: Yulia in the subway

The previous post was written late at night, which is to say 8:22 p.m. when most of the day shift had gone home. 
During the night, someone kicked me in the miniscule and little-used part of the brain responsible for facts and I sat up in bed and shouted, Yulia!  Surprising no one.  See, I don't remember any hard  J sound rattling her front teeth when I asked her name.  I'm sure she enunciated the lilting and mellifluous Yulia, and the Mankato filter in my brain changed it to the correct pronunciation -- Joooleeuh.  
While we're at corrections,  I did not blurt out anything about her delicate icy beauty.  Goodness, I'm a very good liar professional.  I think I said, "I like your tweed. Coat."
Everything else is true and accurate. Pretty much.

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Donna said...

Sarah, glad I found you. Yes Minnesotan DO have style! Thanks for your blog - Donna from Golden Valley