Saturday, March 23, 2013

Morticia at Malibu

So right off the bat in LA, I changed into running clothes in the charming restroom at the rental car place, drove my white Kia to La Tuna Canyon Road in Malibu, parked on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway, jumped out and started running up. When I got to the top, I think I saw the Smith/Pinkett residence, briefly, because I realized I was standing in the backyard of a less famous resident who was living in his Scamper and had a late model pickup truck with a gun rack. 
I drove to Malibu Beach.  Whence I came upon the Japanese version of Morticia darkly enjoying the SoCal scene.  She seemed pretty skeptical of daylight in general, and sand and water. This was as close to the water as she got. (This is where the sand got in the camera, the ex-camera. A scenic way to go).  This post is courtesy of my new camera, an Olympus Tough, recommended after my unflinching description of the abuse I visited on my last Hello Kitty -- RIP.

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