Tuesday, March 5, 2013

this is Cynthia Rowley

I think Cynthia was talking to Cher.  Are designer store openings like the end of a football game where the team dumps a cooler of water on the triumphant coach?  Because Coach Rowley is ready to partayyy in her rubber ravewear -- let the fluids fly where they may. 
 In keeping with the stoned  Magical theme, the second floor of the shop is sure to get the saliva flowing -- it's a CuRious (see, the C and R are capitolized thus Cynthia Rowley -- you're welcome) candy store.  I was hoping for more naughty bits in jelly form, and I did eyeball some eyeball lollipops, but mostly just refined sugar and red dye #2 in its usual permutations.  Which makes me wonder about the business thinking behind this allocation of half of the very spendy retail space for products that have been banned from public schools and roundly (ha) vilified by doctors, dentists and Upper East Side moms.  Maybe Ms. Rowley senses a backlash by artificial color-denied children raised on organic freshly juiced wheatgrass and quinoa chaff for dessert.
Like bees to an open can of Mountain Dew,  Rowley's bash drew fashion's buzzmakers, people whose hair needs no introduction,  Lynn oh-you-doll Jaeger and bleached boy-banged Kate Lanphear.

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